Brenda Road Hartlepool

Client: Hartlepool Borough Council

Project Value: £437,651 – work completed late November 2013

The work involved strengthening of the deck structure and abutments and repainting the Brenda Road/Rail Bridge and the installation of upgraded traffic barriers to protect the bridge parapets. The bridge travels over the main branch line which connects Newcastle to Middlesbrough and is used as a divert line when works occur on the main East Coast rail line. The works were carried out under full possession of the track and under the supervision of Network Rail.

While working with Hartlepool Borough Council as the designers, Tangent Construction (Principal Contractor) had to comply with the strict operational and safety requirements of Network Rail. Two access roads were constructed; the bridge cleaned in preparation for specialist paint and strengthening; strengthening plates welded on several sections under the bridge; and the final painting. Three subcontractors were used for the specialised work.