Marine Drive Hartlepool

Client: Hartlepool Borough Council

Project Value: £107750.00 – Start Date: Aug 2012 Completed: Mar 2013

Brief Description of the Works

The works involved the demolition and reconstruction of the promenade access steps, repairs to the concrete wave return coping to the sea wall, grit blasting stanchions, installation of new galvanised tubular hand-railing and painting.

The works are broken down as follows:-

  • demolition and removal of the existing access steps located between the upper and lower promenade areas;
  • reconstruction of a section of splash wall following the demolition of the access steps;
  • construction of a new, widened set of access steps commencing from the highway footpath down to the lower promenade;
  • reconstruction of blacktop promenade surface around new steps;
  • the inclusion of plastic coated galvanised handrailing to the new set of steps pre-bent in accordance with the drawings;
  • construction of a steel formwork mould to the profile of the wave return wall (to become the property of the engineer upon completion of the work);
  • construction of a fibreglass formwork mould for casting the rounded circular sections of seawall wave return coping;
  • breaking out and reconstruction (using the steel and fibreglass formwork moulds) of existing damaged concrete wave return coping;
  • removal, grit blasting, repainting and reinstatement of stanchions along promenade wave return wall including removal to tip of handrails (repainting to be completed upon reinstatement);
  • grit blasting and repainting of in-situ stanchions along beach access ramp;
  • removal to tip of existing handrailing along beach access ramp;
  • provision of new galvanised painted steel tubular handrailing along beach access ramp and promenade (seawall), upper rail 50mm outer diameter, lower and middle rail 35mm outer diameter.